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The Catalyst Smart Card

Instantly send your contact info to a smart phone.
No more lost opportunities or wasted effort handing out paper business cards that get lost, tossed, or forgotten.
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What is a Catalyst Smart Card?

The Catalyst Smart Card is a digital business card. Using Near-Field Communication (NFC), Catalyst Smart Cards allow professionals like you to share contact info, electronically and instantly.
With a hover and a few taps, your info goes straight into a phonebook - exactly where you want to be.
You can include anything you would want anyone to know about you professionally - phone numbers, emails, socials, addresses, even a photo and notes.
Your card will also include a QR code that serves as a backup for info transmission, and every card is made to your specifications.
Using a Catalyst Smart Card helps you connect quickly, grow your network, and look cool doing it.
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  • For serious business people

    If you’re on the front lines of business, you need the ability to connect quickly with sales prospects, suppliers, talent, or anyone else you’d like in your network. A quick hover and a few taps, and you are at their fingertips when they need your help.

  • Represent your brand with class

    Catalyst Connection Co. provides a simple but high-tech solution that
    makes you an accessible problem-solver with the people you meet.
    Additionally, our customization options will enable you to share your
    info on-brand and in style.

  • Connection without the clutter

    For the same price as a stack of paper business cards, you can share your info directly and without running out. Don't let the limitations of paper business cards be your limitations. Connect more smartly with a Catalyst Smart Card.

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What is a Catalyst Smart Card?

The Catalyst Smart Card is a high-tech business card that sends your contact information directly and digitally to a smartphone.

How does the Catalyst Smart Card work?

The Catalyst Smart Card relies on a phone's Near-Field Communication (NFC) antenna to power it to send your info back to the phone. The phone then downloads the information, at which point the user can save it to their phone book (also known as the "Contacts" app).

Does the Catalyst Smart Card work on iPhones and Androids?

Yes, it does, though the interaction is a little different between the two platforms.

For iPhones X and up, NFC is always turned on. Once an iPhone reads the card, it will display a notification and the information can be saved to the phone.

For Androids, NFC is a setting which can be turned on and off in the pull- down menu or the Settings app. Once on, it will read the card and prompt a download through a browser, like Chrome.

Do I need a special app to use my card?

Nope! All of your info is programmed onto the card, and the other person doesn’t need an app to receive your info. Your profile is downloaded through an internet browser, which every smartphone has. The info saves into their phone book (also known as "Contacts").

Is a phone camera necessary to use my Catalyst Smart Card?

No, your information is transmitted by NFC (Near-Field Communication). However, if someone is using an older phone or unable to turn the NFC antenna on, they can use their camera for the QR code on the back of each card.

Where can I learn more or keep up with Catalyst?

If you have a request, please contact us with the form above. If you want to know more about our mission or work, check out our Blog or connect with us on any of our social media pages.